Cleanse + Peel  •  Extract + Hydrate  •   Fuse + Protect

HydraFacial is a gentle resurfacing of the skin that combines suction and oil-softening liquids to rinse debris, make-up, and oil from the pores. Antioxidants and hydrators are infused into the skin using a patented Vortex technology leaving the skin clean, radiant, and glowing. 


Signature HydraFacial

The Signature HydraFacial is an introductory level to HydraFacial's new innovative skin treatment system.  It starts with deep steam cleanse that is followed by the Hydrafacial's 3 step process of exfoliation, extraction, and infusion that work together to help refresh and hydrate your skin.

Treatment Time: 50 min.


Supreme HydraFacial

The Supreme HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial while addressing your specific skin concern with a Booster of your choice. This treatment includes a LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging and skin imperfections.

Treatment Time: 70 min.


Platinum HydraFacial

Considered the Apex of the HydraFacial series, the Platinum HydraFacial begins the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Then, the Signature HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concern with a Booster of your choice (Dermabuilder or Nano Infusion). This treatment includes LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging and skin imperfections.

Treatment Time: 90 min.


Keravive by HydraFacial 

Keravive by HydraFacial is a unique, relaxing treatment designed to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the scalp for healthier and fuller-looking hair for all skin and hair types.  In conjunction with HydraFacial's patented Vortex technology, a proprietary blend of growth factors and peptides are infused deep within the hair follicles shaft to help stimulate hair growth.  Requires 3 monthly treatments to see results. Each treatment includes a 30-day take home spray.

Treatment Time: 60 min.


HydraFacial Booster Add-Ons

These boosters can been added in addition to any of the above HydraFacial Treatments and Facials to help address your skin's needs.

Alastin TriHex  $80.00

Alastin TriHex booster helps to clear out damaged collagen and elastin and suppoort the skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin. It helps to reduce the appearance of thinning skin, fine lines and wrinkles while improving the overall texture and tone of skin.

HydraFacial Britenol  $60.00

This booster brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sun spots. Britenol™ is clinically proven to leave skin glowing with a more even complexion.

HydroFacial Dermabuilder  $60.00

Helps smooth the skin of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing skin elasticity.

HydraFacial ReGen  $150

This booster helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through naturally derived growth factors.  It helps to improve skin health and vitality.